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Sony BC-9HP Charger

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I've got a Sony BC-9HP battery charger that, IIRC, I got with my MZ-E30 MiniDisc player. The charger says on it "charge only NH-9WM and NC-6WM". I lost my original NH-9WM battery when my MZ-E30 got stolen many years ago but it looks as though it was a 1200mAh battery.

Is there any reason I shouldn't use this charger to charge Vapex gumstick batteries that are 1450mAh?

The specs on the back of the BC-9HP say:

Input: AC220-230V 7W 50Hz

Output: DC1.2V 1.9A

Apologies if it's a daft question but I'm no electronics expert...

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hay, i used this to make my own ghetto nimh charger. 

in principle its just a cradle to fit the square battery to a cylindrical fitting. 

works like a charm i use it to charge nh10wm and vapex batteries without issues. 

based on some articles of the net it says

Formula for manual calculation for battery recharging processes

AAA – AA – C – D sizes rechargeable batteries:
hours ( charging time ) equals to 12 x Ahr = hrs OR 12/1000 x mAh = hrs 
( 12/1000 x mAh = hours of charging ) 

so my 1000mAh nh 10wm will take

0.012x1000:1.65 = 7.272hour to charge at 165mA

it seems to work just fine till now. 





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Nice piece of improvisation there!

I think I am probably overthinking this tbh. I put AA/AAA batteries with a variety of different mAh ratings in my normal battery charger without any issues. 

I did find a post elsewhere on the internet where someone said that the BC-9HP did not "fully support" 1450mAh batteries and that you needed a BC-9HP2 charger to get maximum capacity out of them. No idea if that's actually the case. 

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