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HI MD not working with MZ RH1 . win 10 /sonic stage


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I encountered a problem that did I not not found mentioned earlier in this forum: I successfully executed the sequence of installing the driver under windows 10: saw the yellow exclamation mark, switched off the signing check, successfully installed the driver. after this was able to use Sonic Stage 4.3 to copy tracks to and from the drive. both in MD mode and in HI-MD mode. However, the next day, this only worked in MD mode. if an MD disc was inserted: all fine. then press stop button, wait for message "OK to eject disk" , switched for a HI MD disk while device manager window was still open. after the disc was recognized in the player, the device manager window text switched from "Device is working properly" to "Device is not recognized" . in the Eventlog  the message "Device not migrated, cannot migrate Device" switching back to an MD disk and all is fine again. tried this also on another PC with win 7 64 professional: same result. what did I do wrong? why did it work the first day only? what can i do to make HI MD working again? thanks for helping out

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