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Transfer music from MD to PC

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So if I recorded something live with a mic on my NetMD, I can't transfer it back to the PC via SonicStage? But can via optical?

Could I use SonicStage to transfer it back with the MZ-RH1? 

Just trying to get my head around what can and can't be done before I search for a MZ-RH1.

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Yes, the RH1 will allow you to do what you want. When I say "NetMD-created" i mean the tracks have been transferred to the MD using USB and NetMD (as opposed to HiMD).

But no other NetMD-enabled unit (none of the other HiMDs either) will allow you to transfer FROM the disk.

However (just to complicate things) generally speaking you CAN transfer from any 1GB disk or reformatted legacy disk (to HiMD specs) using the USB link. Simply NOT the SP/LP2/LP4 formats ("legacy"), except with the RH1. There are more restrictions but if you follow our advice(s) you won't run into them.

So you could buy any HiMD device (that has USB) and use a microphone and (as long as the disk is HiMD formatted) transfer the tracks to the PC.

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