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MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

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Hello, I have bought a mint MZ-E2 in my country that doesn’t sounds. It chargues, it displays the name of the songs and discs but it sounds metalic noises trough the headphones. I think the disc rotates well because it displays the names of tags. If I pass the songs I hear the laser movement but it don’t sound anithing, only a metalic noise 1 second. Any idea? I have entered in service mode but I don’t know if changing any parameter will repair the unit? Thanks!!

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Hi, I have tried all options, different MD in SP mode (prerecorded and recorded by me), different headphones, differents power spply (from AC, form AAA battery, from internal battery). No idea what more to try. Any suggerence for the internal service parameters??

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On 19/1/2018 at 8:29 AM, sfbp said:

Do an alignment. You need:

a. a prerecorded disk

b. a recorded (by you) disk - should be full of music

Do the section they call Overall Adjustment Mode.

Can you tell me where to find “Overall Adjustment Mode” in the service manual, I haven’t found it. Thanks!

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