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MXD-D40, anyone?

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If anyone could use an MXD-D40, I have an "extra" one I can now let go. The bulk of my MD gear is going to go...this is where I start. I'll post pics if anyone's interested. Thinking around 50 USD + shipping. I actually have 2 of these. (I'm not abandoning MD, just not using it as much now.)

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On 9/2/2019 at 10:55 AM, Taalo said:

Hey blue ,

Any more stuff to offload? Which md cd deck do you recommend ?

see minidisc.org, those CD-MD decks are very rare nowadays (especially with type-R recording feature) but you still can easily find bookshelves with such capabilities (I advise separate elements). From my perspective, except if you don't have too much place in your room, this is better to have CD and MD separate decks, or at the best only a MD deck and everything else on your PC laptop or a NAS...

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I just now saw this. I do not have anything else available at this time. As for which MD/CD deck to recommend, that depends somewhat on the functionality and specs you need. The MXD-D400 is Sony's excellent but a bit flawed top of the line. It has optical out, but no passthrough (monitor) of the input signal. The MXD-D40 is a reliable Type R workhorse. And many MD folk like the MXD-D3. Hope you find one!

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I ended up finding a mxd-d40 for 150$ with 200 discs. The deck needs to new MD ejection band but other than that plays like a champ. I need to do a bit of cleaning on its outputs with contact cleaner and it is good to go.

Thanks for reaffirming I made a good decision (MD wise not the buying a deck on a dead/dying format as my wife puts it).




I tried finding reasonable type S MD only decks but they are even harder to find at a reasonable price. The HIMD decks are super expensive from Japan so I was supper excited to get this cd/MD combo. 


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Hi Taalo, anyway this combo is type R then only SP standard recording quality (the best before Hi-MD) and not a MDLP type S like the D400 (a rare and expensive unit). Simply for MDLP recording and listening you can use still affordable type-S portable units and wait for an opportunity in the future to put your hand on a MDLP type-S deck under 150-200$.

I can buy Hi-MD bookshelves in Vietnam but I choose not to buy one because

(1) there is no way to repair them nowadays (this is already the same for portables units), even passionate engineers MD fans (like @phamcu, @NGY, @jonathanpotato) or MD gurus like Jim Hoggarth who were all able to do it have given up. 

(2) those bookshelves have

- no MD audio digital out (only CD) like quite a lot SP/MDLP decks have

- no Net-MD features (only real time or CD-MD dub recording)

- limited Hi-MD recording (PCM/Hi-SP/Hi-LP with no more specific Atrac3plus choice) that make it, for my own use, an interesting choice for real time PCM recording mode only.

(3) too expensive (200$ Onkyo FR- N9TX) for the vietnamese market (but good price for your foreign market) 

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