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Sony MDS-JB 940 Static Mini Disc Player

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I have just noticed on my new Sony MDS-JB 940 Static Mini Disc Player that on inserting the disk it says reading TOC and plays well . however on ejecting the disc it says eject then goes straight to the message reading TOC without ejecting 

The unit has only been used once before storage many years ago. hopefully i will be able to fix it as our good friend Jim is no longer here ?

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Hi Alison ,

"static"... a good one this one !

Maybe you just need to change the rubber band (flexible ring) and renew the old grease of the deck eject system. Rings and grease are easy to find on Internet, just need to know what size is the ring (see service manual). When the disc does not succeded toeject, the deck believe that a new disc has been introduced, this is why TOC is read a second time. You can also clean the readind & recording lenses with isopropilic alcool. You will find videos on internet also to help you I think. Look like Jim Hoggarth has retired from the MD repair service world, due to his declining health. But your problem does not look to be a big one.


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