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Need help with Sonicstage writing issues on a Sony MZ-S1 with Sony Color MDs

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TL;DR Warning, this is gonna be a fairly lengthy post.

Hi all! I'm new to the MiniDisc scene and am super stoked to be part of this community!

I am hoping to seek to some guidance from the more seasoned MiniDisc veterans as i have an interesting dilemma on my hands. Allow me to explain.

I have purchased 2 separate eBay items, 1 was a used non-NetMD player with 33 MiniDiscs the other a used Sony MZ-S1 player. Included in the MDs i got in the first package were a serious of Sony Color MDs, using my version of Sonicstage which i was able to install on windows 10 via this post : 

 I deleted the old tracks from the previous owner using Sonicstage on 4 of the Sony Color MDs.

My issue at hand is that when i try to write music onto the MiniDiscs, 2 things happen.

1 - All the songs list as only 0s (although I've started to think this normal)

2 - The list of songs listed as 0s begin to disappear 1 by 1 and i am then told by Sonicstage that it was unable to transfer the songs to my MiniDisc.


On one of the MDs i was able to get 5 or 6 songs depending on how many songs i dragged over all at once. Another thing it did not let me do was write songs 1 by 1.


To save everyone a lot of time i will list the things i have already don't, in order to help the troubleshooting process.

- I have tried to change the file format of the songs which i transfer to no avail, as i was told that WMA has DRM properties.

- I have tried using a XP version of Sonicstage on a virtual machine running Windows XP

- I have tried redoing the process several times

- I have also tried changing USB port to no avail 


Here is also a list of some things which might be worthy of note

- The player is connected via 3rd party cable

- I converted my music files from FLAC to WMA, MP3 etc. using an Audio File Converter called Switch

- This is the only NetMD unit i have

- I'm pretty sure the old owner of the Sony MZ-S1 used Sonicstage as well because he included a single Sharp MD with LP2 Stereo encoded music


That is about i can think of that would be relevant to my problem.

I hope my explanation wasn't too convoluted and i appreciate any help i receive! And thank you in advance! 

- Gas

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