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Playback Problem on a MDS-JE520

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Bob Shade

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I have a stack of discs of my music recorded live from a while back.. Some of them play, a bunch read blank and  the largest pile don't playback at all.

These ones read that tracks exist but when I push play the display reads LP: at the top and below that the track number and time. 

The track looks like it is playing as the clock is counting down the time played but nothing out of the speakers.. 

I am running analog out>amp>speakers

Will these units play the LP format.

The discs were recorded on a Sony Minidisc Walkman


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Hi Bob Shade, more details here http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MDS-JE520+S39.html

Maybe you had recorded all your live music with a MDLP portable unit, your " Sony Minidisc Walkman" (this is generic name for ALL Sony portable units : CD, MD, MP3, etc). All SP only decks (what us we call 1st generation),  like the JE520 cannot read MDLP format as said Stephen (sfbp). The good news is that there are plenty of decks or portable units which play MDLP on the web markd is MDLP, then Net-MD, then Hi-MDet. Minidisc.org will give you their model names. To be complete, the best you can get is MDLP with "type S".

Do you want to know more about MD portable units history https://sites.google.com/site/crazyforminidisc/

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Blank discs are not MDLP or otherwise - it is the encoding method that is using whilst recording to the discs that could be MDLP.

Blank discs will hold 74 or 80 minutes of SP (standard) quality recordings (there were also 60 minute blank discs in the earlier years). Later players had the ability to record in long play mode (known as MDLP) so you could get more music on a 74 minute or 80 minute disc.

There are two MDLP modes on standard MD (i.e. not HiMD):

  • LP2 - will give you twice the recording time as SP (so 160 minutes on an 80 minute disc or 148 minutes on a 74 minute disc)
  • LP4 - will give you four times the recording time as SP (so 320 minutes on an 80 minute disc or 296 minutes on a 74 minute disc)

If you try to play a disc with MDLP recordings on a player that is not MDLP compatible then you will just get silence.

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