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Wanted genuine or 3rd party Remote for MDS-JA555ES


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Whoops, I posted an answer to this. Did OP restart the topic? Weird.

Recommend the Sony RM-VL600 (there's also a silver model)


You'd have to borrow a real remote from someone to program the VL600 but I am fairly sure you could do it.

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Indeed :)


Back to the OP's question, if you cannot locate an RM-D49M, you may have some joy with a remote from a cheaper machine. The remotes for my decks appear to be reasonably interchangeable, only missing buttons for functions that appeared as MiniDisc developed (e.g. MDLP, Group etc).

I've got three different types of remote:

RM-D10E (MDS-JB980)

RM-D49M (MDS-JB940)

RM-D7M (MDS-JE500)

They all appear to be able to control any of the various machines, although I have not tried every single function.

Maybe someone else with an MDS-JA555ES (I am not so fortunate) could test out other remotes and see if they work?

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Paulk, important : where are you living ?

"Universal" remotes can also be setup if you have the right "codes"

The one I have for my Yamaha DSP-Z1 amplificator.


If not, you will need an original remote or do  - almost everything - with another model MD deck remote like BearBoy said

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