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Question: Tascam MD-350 and MD-301mkII

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I'm thinking of buying a Tascam deck as they seem to be easier to find.

I just found this article which indicates that the MD-350 is newer than the MD-301mkII.
Does anyone know if the MD-350 uses the KMS-260A (which is far easier to find than earlier laser models as I found out the hard way). Does it have a Sony MDM-5 mechanism?
Does the MD-301mkII use the same laser and transport?

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I have an MD-350. I think it's slightly higher end and slightly newer than the MD-301.

I have the MD-350 service manual, but it's not as comprehensive as the Sony ones. It lists the MD drive unit as an DYME2Z202B. Looking at the mechanical exploded diagrams for the drive, it looks quite a bit different to the drives I see in my Sony units (MDS-JE520, MDS-E12, MDS-E10). I've read elsewhere, probably on this forum, that the drives in the pro Tascam have more metal components (gears etc) than the drives that Sony use, however I don't know this first hand. I don't see a load belt for example in the Tascam drive drawings.

For the optical pickup, the Safety Information section of the SM does indeed list this as a Sony KMS-260A, 4.55mW, 785+/-20nm.

For what it's worth as I've just seen it, the MD-350 quotes Molicoat YM-103 as the lubricant grease to use.

Hope that helps a bit!


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