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MDS-JB940 starting by itself

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I just bought a MDS-JB940 from Ebay but am not quite sure if it is performing properly.
I have all stereo equipment plugged into a power conditioner bar. After turning off each component, including the new MD deck, I shut off the 'master power' switch on the power conditioner bar.

Strangely, when I turn on the power conditioner bar, the MDS-JB940 turns on by itself and starts playing a disk.

Is this normal behavior for this deck? Is there some way to shut off this feature? I'm hoping this is not some type of defect with the power supply components.

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Is the 'Timer' switch on the left of the deck's front panel set to the 'Play' position (hard right)? If so this is normal behaviour, as the deck believes that an external timer has kicked in when you turn the power back on. Just slide the Timer switch to the central 'Off' position to stop this happening.

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