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Minidisc does't connect


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I have a MZ-N10 and a MZ-n707. I´ve installed sonic stage in both windows 10 and a Windows XP SP3 virtual machine. I also installed the driver in both cases. I can´t connect neither to my pc. They do not show in sonic stage, it´s the same in both cases. In the minidiscs screens I see PC->->MD, so they should be connected, but they aren´t. Can anyone help me please!!! The real problems seems to be in the personal audio driver, but i don´t know what to do.

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For virtual SP3 XP you will need to connect the Netmd USB device to your system. There's a menu on the Virtual XP. You will have to do this each and every time you start the virtual machine.

For Windows 10, assuming windows 64-bit, you will need to install the net md drive NETMD760.SYS from our downloads section. Please search these forums for all that information, as I am reluctant to repeat it. Installing the unsigned driver is slightly complicated, you will have to load Windows 10 in a special mode where it does not check for drivers being untrusted. However this only has to be done whilst you do the install  - after that all is plain sailing.

Good luck!

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