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MDS-JB940 C13 read error

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Hi, everyone. 

For years I kept my MDS-JB940 in my basement, unused. Recently, I decided to put it to work again to enjoy my MiniDiscs. Sadly, for any disc I insert, I receive the message "C13 Read Error" and the deck ejects the disc. I never had any problems with this unit until now, and frankly, it hadn't received a lot of use. It's a pity because it's such a nice device and I didn't enjoy it as often as I should have. I cleaned the lens with hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol, but that had no effect. Can anyone offer a suggestion about how to fix it? Thanks for reading this. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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The first thing you need to check is whether the belt IS in fact loose/broken. This will be obvious as soon as you take the main cover off the deck (without disassembling the drive at all, which is quite self-contained).

The service manuals (sony) for these decks are pretty comprehensive provided you can understand English, way better than most of the comparable manufacturers.

It's actually reasonably easy to get the DRIVE serviced as it is light and can be shipped inexpensively, after removal. There are a fair number of other decks using the exact same drive, too, so a swap is possible, at least for checking purposes.

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On re-reading what I wrote in the middle of the night, i will alter slightly what I said. You need to remove the (MDM-7) unit from the deck, and then you need to take the cover OFF and inspect the belt. Pictures posted here will help. Be VERY careful if you are trying to replace belt on your own. We'll try to give you tips, as some before you ended up wrecking the drive.

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if it is the belt then when you get it out and look at it you wonder why Sony chose just a  small  thin item. I have a 940 that had been in storage just as yours, when I took it out it wouldnt eject, the tiny  belt had stretched in the mean time and eject stopped  working.

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