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Price of Sony NW-A3000

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this is a cheap dixons online only price but im a bit confused it says 35 hour battery life with is correct.

20gb which is correct but only 5000 songs whihc the a1200 holds. so the facts are half a1200 and half a3000.

but if it really is a3000 which i willl check tomoz then ill be buying one.

please dont buy em all i want one lol

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the 35 battery life is with atrac3+ at 64kbps which there is no way I would listen to that. The 20 gig drive can hold a lot more songs than both the A1200 and A1000 combined so disregard that info on the site. In the end it all matters how you encide the songs and how large they are. The battery life on the A3000 is longer than the smaller A1000/1200 for sure though.

I should mention the A3000 is a lot larger than it appears in pictures, I was a bit surprised when I bought mine after using the A1000 for 2 weeks. :lol:

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shame it isnt in stock at dixons or comet at £130 but in is stock elseware at £160.

what compression rate do you use?

i normaly use 64kbps loseless

also i do want tht extra battery life and space so the size isnt really an issue

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I burn from CD to the hard drive at 132Kbps ATRAC3Plus, then transfer to the device at 105Kbps (though it did take 12 hours to transfer 5000 songs in this mode :blink: ).

At 132Kbps I reckon you could fit around 4500 songs. At 105Kbps you're looking at more like 5600 songs.

Through my Sony MDR A44s I can't tell the difference between 132 and 105Kbps. But then I'm the first to admit, I'm no audiophile :D. The sound quality of the A3000 does seem very good to me though!

At that bitrate I'm getting around 12 hours per charge, depending on how much skipping from track to track I do

Also be prepared to mess about with it a bit, and read the posts on this forum to get it working right!! (Firmware updates, defrags, etc)

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