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belts? cross reference?

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This has been a very long journey. Trying to get a stupid little “rubber band”. One of the biggest break throughs was the posting on this thread what the actual sony part number is.


I swam through a sea of wasted purchases from sellers around the world with generic pictures of belts regardless if it was “the one” for the mds e12 or jb940.

I waited for postage to arrive only to be disappointed at big-ole thick belts of varying diameter. I made calls, I drove to small repair shops, I was told by electronic repair facilities md decks are not worth the money to repair them. 

mdm-7 drives use this little belt to load. When the disc does not load properly you get a read error or a c-13. The disc will not eject in some cases, or it spits it back out in others. 

Between the 22 pro + consumer decks, car decks and portables I own. Along with the hundreds upon hundreds of discs I have recorded, I am not about to give up because they say they are not worth fixing.

Today my six pack of belts arrived from;


in denver colorado. They are genuine sony belts repackaged for uniformity. They are the real thing and they work like there was never a loading problem in the first place.

Having the real part number opened up a wider range of possabilities. Amazon listes them, but are out of stock. Walmart lists them but are out of stock. Electronic parts distributers list them as discontinued. Using google search, armed with a real part number, I found partsditribution.com

I needed 6, I bought 6. Now I can begin the easier task of extracting the e-12’s currently running on true rubber bands bought from the $ store. Then the more difficult job of extracting two 940’s from my work station. And while I am at it, a belt replacement pack goes the tc-we835 cassette with eject failure.

my hair is already grey, so my face turned blue instead.

We can call this saga over. But the number 422702501 should be a header at the top of everyone’s post just to make sure no one else goes through hell and back for rubber bands.

pictures... An aray of used and new belts. My work station with the 940’s. A four belt pack for the cassette. Other than to save money, why would sony change from the robust gear driven mechanism of the 930 to a tiny little belt? I don’t know.





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people  might try some of belts  meant for other purposes. 

I think the ones  I bought 2 years or so ago now were  ones used to  tie hair up at the back into a pony tail. very cheap & about the right size

One of my JB940 decks  did the wont eject  trick so I tried some belts I got for this alternative purpose and seem to work.  Not the same size as the originals  but they are so small anyway they will stretch?  Will be interesting to see how long they last. But then I have a pack with must be 100+ belts  and changing them is not hard.

Changing the belt for the JB940 is not hard and best to  disengage the  swinging top bit by unslotting it at the rear and removing the  very small spring on one side? The the top bit  swing s up enough to  insert a new belt. Unlike a previous  contributor, I was unable to  change it from the front.


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Remove the four screws holding the drive down and just raise the front of the drive up over the faceplate. Tweezers will pull the old belt off and install a new one right throught the front md slot. No need for other disassembly.

rubber bands are not belts. Yes, they work. Interested in how long they would last.

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25 minutes ago, 2many said:

Remove the four screws holding the drive down and just raise the front of the drive up over the faceplate. Tweezers will pull the old belt off and install a new one right throught the front md slot. No need for other disassembly.

rubber bands are not belts. Yes, they work. Interested in how long they would last.


that maybe  true but these "rubber bands" for alternative purposes  dont have to be of the same  quality used for eg a belt drive  turntable or the  cassette  drive, where irrregulaties would have sonic issues?

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16 hours ago, 2many said:

Yep, just to load and unload. BUT... my belts lasted a bit over 15 years before they got a little slack. Rubber bands turn to goo in about five years.

that may or not be true. The only  thing I have noticed about  properly called  rubber bands  from stationers is that they can go brittle. They would have ceased to  function long before that happens. I just wont pay £4 or so  for a tiny belt for this type of function. if mine last 2 years thats  fine. As others have indicated you dont really know what you are buying when  you pay out £4 or so from an oem type  source. One related note if you have a few decks it is probably a good idea to remove the belt  if the decks are spares as the one I had to replace had just been in storage & I took it out to  test it - it was ok when I put into storage but the belt had stretched even  though not used.

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Sony part 4-227-025-01 if you can get it. Otherwise I believe we concluded 17mm diameter by 0.8mm cross section square. This is 54mm circumference.

I’ve been using 17mm x 1.2mm non-genuine parts but this hasn’t always worked for all members, or me.

ETA 20/Dec/2020: On an MDS-E12 I'm repairing now, 17x1.2mm hasn't worked for me; the drive struggled to load and eject. I ended up using an orthodontic band of a narrower gauge [9.5mm (3/8") 2.5oz] (although diameter of <10mm which is not ideal) which seems to be working nicely now. The original belt I've removed which is loose is measuring 19mm by 0.8mm square section. So if anyone can find a reliable supply of 17mm x 0.8mm then they should be perfect.

Good luck!


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I have been selling the 17mm belt to many of the members of these forums, and thank you for the many comments and positive feedback.

Following some recent enquiries I have now added a number of additional sizes with more accurate information. These are a good quality belt with a 1.2mm square cross section (approx) and are available as follows....

17mm diameter (external measurement); 53mm length (approx)

20mm diameter; 63mm length

25mm diameter; 78mm length

28mm diameter; 88 mm length

30mm diameter; 94mm length

34mm diameter; 107mm length

The ebay ad for these Item ID: 193731685801

I do not unfortunately have details of which belt is required for each model, but many of you on this forum already have this info!!!

Hope that this is use to you

Charlie Linx Audio

(admin note: Charlie has now posted his own thread in the Classified section, you can read it here )

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I reread the thread Charlie. Thanks for all that. Just to point out that you are perilously close to breaking a policy which we very painfully established (mainly because a certain individual spent his entire life attempting to trespass on our good natures), namely that self-posted eBay ads are not acceptable.

I think this is fine, as it stops just short of actually posting a link. But I wanted to post this publicly so that those lurking can understand that we take a dim view of those who seek to promote their business via the forum. I absolutely don't count you in that number - and that the end of the thread where it is all described is totally appropriate to mention it.

'nuff said

Kind regards


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Hi Stephen and to everyone else

I in no way wish to promote what I have - just to answer the many members who have asked me about the internal or external diameter measurements and what else i have available

That was the only reason for my post

I wish you all well, and if I have caused offence then i will withdraw my posts immediately

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Thanks for the info of the nasty little belt!

Maybe a cheap solution for the belt. My wife had somewhere in her hobby room a "Bracelet Pack" with many little "belts". I have mount one in my MDS-E12 and it works. How long it last I don't know, but it is very cheap. I have sticked a little plastic bag with 10 spare "belts" in the recorder.

(I try to load a picture of the bag with "belts"...)

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