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belts? cross reference?

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I have been selling the 17mm belt to many of the members of these forums, and thank you for the many comments and positive feedback.

Following some recent enquiries I have now added a number of additional sizes with more accurate information. These are a good quality belt with a 1.2mm square cross section (approx) and are available as follows....

17mm diameter (external measurement); 53mm length (approx)

20mm diameter; 63mm length

25mm diameter; 78mm length

28mm diameter; 88 mm length

30mm diameter; 94mm length

34mm diameter; 107mm length

The ebay ad for these Item ID: 193731685801

I do not unfortunately have details of which belt is required for each model, but many of you on this forum already have this info!!!

Hope that this is use to you

Charlie Linx Audio

(admin note: Charlie has now posted his own thread in the Classified section, you can read it here )

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I reread the thread Charlie. Thanks for all that. Just to point out that you are perilously close to breaking a policy which we very painfully established (mainly because a certain individual spent his entire life attempting to trespass on our good natures), namely that self-posted eBay ads are not acceptable.

I think this is fine, as it stops just short of actually posting a link. But I wanted to post this publicly so that those lurking can understand that we take a dim view of those who seek to promote their business via the forum. I absolutely don't count you in that number - and that the end of the thread where it is all described is totally appropriate to mention it.

'nuff said

Kind regards


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Hi Stephen and to everyone else

I in no way wish to promote what I have - just to answer the many members who have asked me about the internal or external diameter measurements and what else i have available

That was the only reason for my post

I wish you all well, and if I have caused offence then i will withdraw my posts immediately

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MDM7 drive load belt: 17mm dia (53mm circumference) by 0.8mmx0.8mm square.

Charlie at Linx Audio had some of this size made especially for us. I've just fitted one to my MDS-E12 and it works perfectly. It matches the dimensions of the original (good) one I removed to try the new one.

See his eBay shop listing here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/17mm-Internal-Diameter-53mm-Length-0-8mm-Square-Cross-section-Rubber-Drive-Belt/193976337464?hash=item2d29e40438:g:1xoAAOSwaT5gVMlR

He's a UK seller but he'll ship worldwide.

No relation other than a customer.

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Thanks for the info of the nasty little belt!

Maybe a cheap solution for the belt. My wife had somewhere in her hobby room a "Bracelet Pack" with many little "belts". I have mount one in my MDS-E12 and it works. How long it last I don't know, but it is very cheap. I have sticked a little plastic bag with 10 spare "belts" in the recorder.

(I try to load a picture of the bag with "belts"...)

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