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RIP MDS-PC3 (v0.2b)


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I want to see what about "improved mp3 handling" is. To get CD to MD I have an MXD-D3 Deck. For my MP3s, I copy all I want on a MD to an USB stick, normalize all with audacity and then stick in an stand allone Mediaplayer with optical out to the mds-pc3.The sound is not bad. Perhaps it is a better way to get a netMD Player via USB,but Iam not sure if the sound result is eaqual,better or less

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Given the date of the software, I think it's rather unlikely. Most improvements in MP3 (which at low data rates is still a dreadful codec, above 256kbps it's not bad) have come in the last 15 years, i.e. after what ever this guy did back in 2003. And that includes converting MP3 to other things. For example if your MP3s are variable bit rate, I wonder if his software (even if you can get it) would even process them?

MDS-PC3 does not speak NetMD, I don't understand your last sentence at all. Ah - perhaps you are saying that NetMD-USB would be a good alternative to Optical S/PDIF? I wouldn't bother.

If I was converting MP3s to MD, I would use Sound Forge. This generally "gets it right" when remastering the sound to a different codec and different bit rate. It even has an option to generate NetMD directly, although I think you would be much better off with Hi-MD and converting to one of those codecs. I totally understand that Hi-MD may not be an option if you need your portable player to be "legacy" minidisc.

The one step I question is "normalizing". Results in my hands have been very random - all it takes is one glitch (eg scratch on an LP) and the entire waveform is reduced accordingly.


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