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PSP Display Screen - Sharp or Samsung?

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I wanna know if anyone has noticed a difference between two PSP's? I know there has been much speculation on the internet about this, and many people said it was nonsens. But I've opened up my own and my brothers' PSP to check, because I saw a difference in the screen quality. And guess what? On my screen it said 'Sharp' and on my brothers' nothing, so I assume that this is a samsung unit, unless sony is having other manufacturers making screens for the PSP.

If anyone can confirm this, could someone tell me in what country/package I can find a PSP with a sharp screen? A friend of mine would like to buy a PSP too, but since he saw the difference between our two PSP's he wants one with a sharp screen.

any help to locate PSP's with a sharp screen is welcome.

thx guys!


PS: I live in the netherlands, Europe.

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It's true, there are different psp screens. The first few, only with firmware 1.00 and 1.50 came with a sharp screen (the better one, it has some kind of special technology). After that, Sony started making them with the cheaper samsung screens. So you're right.

Waarschijnlijk heb jij dus je PSP uit japan gehaald voordat de downgraders uit waren net zoals ik. En dan heb jij dus het duurdere en betere scherm.

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( voor alle andere gebruikers ff in t engels :) )

No I didn't import my PSP from japan. I bought it around christmas 2005, at the dixons store in maastricht. My brother got his PSP the same day, in maastricht too. but at the e-plaza store. The only difference: I had a value pack and he a giga-pack. So my guess is that sony's first shipment to EU, wich were all value packs, were fitted with a sharp screen and I got lucky and got one from the first shipment :)

I'm very happy with it and I'm sooooo glad I bought a value pack!


bedankt voor je reactie !

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