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NetMD only detected when unplugging

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Hi there! 

I just picked up a Sony MZ-N10 NetMD device and I am trying to get it plugged into my computer.  For some reason, no matter which computer I plug it into (64bit or 32bit), it does not show the PC>>MD prompt.  HOWEVER, when I unplug the usb cable, I see PC>>MD briefly pop up and then go away.  I have tried this with two different cables, and with and without the dock. 

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

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You may need to install the NetMD driver. Other than that, make sure that the MD unit has external power. It is impossible to get 64-bit Windows installed with a NetMD driver without disabling signed driver checking. 32-bit, I am not so sure whether the drivers work without further tweaking. In any event you don't really want the old drivers.

Is the 32-bit Windows XP or something later?

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My 32 bit is Windows 7. I've tried installing the driver on all devices (using disable signed driver) but I can try again fresh. I know there is a resource here for drivers, but if you know the ideal one for MZ-N10 that would be extra helpful. I did find it curious that I was not getting any indication from the computers that it was plugged in USB, so it may be the driver issue after all.

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Hello friends! I wanted to thank you and follow up with this situation.  I installed the drivers and software provided but I still have this issue. I have included a video link to what I'm experiencing:


I wanted to mention that I have the exact same issue whether it's plugged in thru the cradle or directly to the device.  I have also tested this with more than one USB cable with the same results.  Any ideas?

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I've encountered this.  Sorry for the bump thread, mods, I'm not sure if it's a forum faux pas, as I've not posted for well over a decade.


The MZ-N10 I bought new (about 2002 maybe), had this problem a few months after purchase.  I sent it back under warranty to have it fixed, it came back, then after over a year of use the same thing happened, this time out of warranty.  If I remember correctly MD recorder was sent back with the repair notes which stated the mainboard had been changed.


A few months ago I decided to dig out my MD recorders after frequenting r/minidisc on Reddit, and see if they worked.  By some miracle the battery on the N10 still worked (as did the battery on my mint MZ-NH1), despite neither being used since 2006, so I have been playing around with them ever since.  I am able to transfer music to my NH1 in NetMD mode, but can't with the same PC, driver, cabling to the N10, it briefly flashes PC--MD on the screen when unplugging cable, but that's all, that applies connecting directly to the unit or through the dock.  So it's possible the chip that governs USB connectivity in my N10 is faulty; that's my take on it.

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