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NW-A1000 Faq Problem! help please!


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hi all.. i made a posted in the HD forum of this site and got directed here.

So basically, i want to extract mp3s off my NW-A1000. I was following the NW-A1000 FAQ Link and i got to the part where it says

"5) Open up the GYM and MP3FileManager zip files you downloaded earlier and extract them to the root directory of your player."
where exactly do i extract the GYM files to and where exactly do i install the Mp3FileManager 2.0 to? you can't really choose a directory to install Mp3FileManager, it defaults to C:\Program Files\Sony\MP3 File Manager.

Ok.. so.. now after installing MFM and extracting the GYM files, i follow the FAQ to

8) Follow everything the GYM key wizard says to do until you reach the point where it pops up a “tmp” folder and asks you to use MP3FileManager to transfer them to your player. If Sonic Stage is still running as it should be then you will get a warning that says MP3FileManager cannot run when Sonic Stage is running. Close the warning and switch back to Sonic Stage. Now import everything from the “tmp” folder that GYM generated into your Sonic Stage library. It will add it under an album named “No Rules.” When the library import is done, transfer everything in the “No Rules” album onto your player.

When i run the key wizard, the 2nd screen tells me "NETWORK walkman DETECTED on drive H"

then its says "MP3FileManager not found", in the next line. At this point i have SonicStage running, so i turn off SonicStage and i run Mp3FileManager and tried the Key Wizard again and same error pops up.

Can someone tell me where i went wrong? is it cuz my mp3 player is in H drive and not E? or is it cuz i extracted/installed the files in the wrong place? i also tried putting all the GYM files into the Mp3Filemanager folder, which didn't work either. Also i have framekwork 1.1 installed, not 2.0.

THANKS in advance for help!!

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