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MDS-JB980 ticking sound from the sled motor assembly

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I recently acquired two minidisc decks, the Sony MDS-JE470 and a JB980 - both needed a loading belt change and after that not so much more than the regular cleaning.

However, with two (almost) identical mechs to study I've noticed that the sled motor on the JB980 appears to be pulsating (moving forward&backwards) during playback and recording a bit more compared to the JE470's more linear behaviour with the same discs. There's also a slight ticking sound from that.

At first I thought there was dirt on the spindle causing some sort of disc displacement/imbalance but a thorough cleaning didn't change it and the discs appears to centered in the same way for both decks.

Apart from this behaviour the JB980 also have several more "op play hours" on the laser compared to the JE470 - 718Hrs vs 1Hrs(!)
With that being said, there's no issues whatsoever with reading or recording discs on either deck.

So, should I be worried? should I do something about this ticking sound? is it normal from time to time? Are there any checks or adjustments to perform?
This tickning sound has been observed on the JE470 as well but less often.


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Have you tried with different discs? If the disc is heavily edited or was scratched/dirty at the time of recording then the data could be fragmented causing the mech to keep reseeking for the next chunk.

Try a new from the packet, or if needed a fully erased disc and see if it still happens.

I'm not sure any of my mechs are fully silent (with the lid off). Some are definitely more clicky than others and some discs definately worse than others.

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Yes, I've tried with several new discs.

So the clicky sound is pretty normal then? If that's the case I'm content with knowing that :)
(Maybe I should post a video on this?)

My first thought (and reason for asking) was that the sled motor might have been working too hard to correct something that wasn't properly adjusted and with time that could cause unnecessary wear on the mech.


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11 minutes ago, Perus said:

Ok videos coming up this weekend. Guess I shouldn't worry about the 718hrs then? ;)

I expect that will be mostly Play rather than Record hours. Play uses a very low laser power. It's 10x at Record. I suspect there are plenty of hours life in your deck yet. I'd hate to think how many hours are on my 520.

As we've been discussing widely on other threads recently, a replacement drive is an easy to swap and with a little luck, a low end deck with the same drive can be had for sensible money.

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