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ATRAC chip question

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7 hours ago, trott3r said:

If you mean write in ATRAC v4.5 then no.

type r can play v4.5 though.



Thanks for the responses. I meant Write and should have said so explicitly. Any MD can play any ATRAC is pretty well-known. I saw the following on minidisc.org, regarding the MXD-D40 (CXD2662R):

"ATRAC Type-R is used only during realtime SP mode dubbing, not for MDLP or high-speed SP mode dubbing."

This is not a new subject—I'm just looking at it from a different perspective. Got to wondering how a Type R deck could somehow produce less than Type R in SP mode. I thought that if that were the case, then there would have to be either something in the Type R chip enabling it to do less than R, or else there would have to be a separate chip. Similarly, the Type S (inclusive of R)  MXD-D400 (CXD2664R) is thought by some to be unable to effect Type R at 4x...but that seems not true, as noted previously here by sfbp and maybe others. Anyway, it's just not clear to me how such a process could happen. MDLP is by definition a different beast altogether.

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