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Sony MDS-JE470

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Hi all, have fixed the 470, playing now as i write this, havent tried recording yet.

i recieved the replacement drive unit, it was marketed as dosent read discs, laser fault or words to that effect, i was quick to see what was wrong with it, the thing that is above the laser was broken, dont know what its called, its held in by one screw, the one in the ex 940 drive is ok so swapped those over, dont have a screwdriver small enough for that screw, had to use a thin'ish nail, still needs a little tweak to tighten it up properley and i have still got to put the earth strap back on, there is something internal wrong with 940 drive, so will keep it as it will "hopefully not" come in handy in the future. i also replaced the eject belt while i was at it.

the jb930 is still on soak test and playing and recording well, not bad end result then.

so there you go boys and girls, its not always the laser.

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Don't forget that any unit minus its OWH is a recipe for disaster. The first attempt to write a track mark, for example,  on a recorded MO disk (anything which writes the TOC), or any other *writing* activity will blank the disk (forever, except one can fake a new TOC on another machine of course and thereby recover the audio data). What happens is the laser is switched to 10x power to do the write but not modulated by the OWH. So the disk is erased at that spot, rendering the catalog empty.

Very useful for erasing NetMD disks, though, with their unerasable TrProt track flags.

So if your OWH is not connected it will be just like the above. I have a feeling you know this; but for the benefit of someone in a year or three reading this......


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I had an idea about it, wasent 100%, thanks for clarifying that, i have now recorded some music via optical/pc/you may know where !!!

the 470 recorded fine without issue, i did erase a track, it also did that without issue then played through the tracks recorded when prompted

so all is good, i am not used to the 470, compaired to jb models its a little slower in its commands, i will put that down to it being a basic model and spec of jb models are much higher ofcourse, bigger brains etc to put it simply, so its doing what its supposed to do and thats got to be a result.

we have all learned a little more about md decks and that is always good

regards to all for now

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