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Sony Walkman MZ-R900 is it any good?

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I was wondering has anyone any experience with the Sony MZ-R900 and is it good for listening and especially recording MDs. I am looking for a MD-recorder so I could record some MDs of my own and I am not sure what to get or is there any difference based on the model I use/get. I am asking about this particular model 'coz I have seen it go cheap on ebay, but I do take recommendations and tips of any good models to check. 

Thanks in advance

-Tuukka Hokkanen

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This comparison was shared the other day on the ATRAC R/S thread. It gives you some technical comparison. Others will have to give you a more subjective judgement on the machine. I suspect one of the main issues with this machine is the gumstick battery, rather than AA battery. I'm not sure if the type used by this machine is the commonly available type, or the one that is priced like gold. If the latter, this might be the reason they are selling for less money.


I have an R700 and like it very much (I've had it since about 2001). In my view, recording/editing on a portable device is always going to be more clumsy than on a deck because of the size of the user interface. But many are quite happy with this.

MZ-N707 looks to me to be one of the best. Maybe these are high priced! MZ-N505 have a modern ATRAC spec, but are very much a cost-reduced model. I do have one and it's not the highest build quality - against the generally high watermark for Sony products of this type.

Also for the savvy is some secret sauce to buy a cheaper player then enable features from higher up the range:


Hope that helps a little!

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23 hours ago, kgallen said:

I’m sure you’re aware - some portables are play-only so be sure to confirm the model you’re looking at is record too!

Good luck, let us know how you get on. 


Yes I know that as I have a MD player so I know to look for one that really has the record function too. I'll be sure to update her when I get a deck or portable MD-player/recorder.

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On 4/2/2020 at 7:17 PM, SigmundLePuppeteer said:

Yeah they seam to have great build quality but thay are price for me tbh.


Looks they have shot up in price since i bought my 2nd portable.


£60 which is good since didnt it retail for something like £300 -£400 originally.




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@trott3r @kgallen

 So to update this post I got myself a Sont MZ-R30.

I have it working, waiting on a replacement battery and external battery case (got the charger already)

Been happy with the R30 and it's really nice MD player/recorder


Thank you for helping me on the topic of the post and I am happy to be a part of this community.

-Tuukka aka SiG

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