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Ebay resto part xxxxii MDS-JE520

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some time ago i bought a 520 that was in decent nick cheap, i robbed its drive unit to fix a jb920 which is a far superior unit, that part was a success, so i thought i would keep hold of the 520 until i could revive that, enter the creature from the black lagoon another 520, this one looks like somebody has attacked the main outer cover with a jack hammer, there is a hole in the front display outer part,the front panel looks like its been in a hedge and the analogue output dosent work, under the wreckage everything else works, it plays and records writes toc and the display itself works, there is no playtime/record history on it, so its going to fullfill its requirements, drive is a little stiff on eject so a bit of lubrication required, so will do a drive transplant at the week end.

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Great story. Hope the drive transplant goes well. I suspect the main PCB and power supply is good too. Maybe the failed audio is a killed output cap if some Neanderthal abused the poor thing by back-driving it from say a power amp. Is it both channels failed? If so possibly the output stage op amp which would be trickier to replace as it will be surface mount. Any news on the analogue input side?

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hi kevin, those faults are on the creature from the black lagoon, the 520 its drive unit is going into has none of those problems, in the condition the creature is in, its working parts will be saved and the rest scrapped, thats about all its good for i'm afraid.

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