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Convert Sony MD audio to MP3 via MacBook

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I gathered this info from various internet sites before transfering audio interviews on Sony HI MD discs to MP3 format. I used my obsolete Sony portable minidisc recorder MZ-M10 to transfer files via my ten-year-old 13" MacBook, running OS X El Capitan (10.11.6). The Sony proprietary software for converting the files, Hi-MD WAV Importer no longer worked, so I had to find another solution.


This is how I transferred the files (August 2020):

* Download and instal Audacity 2.3.3. software. Go to:

>  Transport

>  Transport Options

>  Tick Software Playthrough so can hear recording on Macbook as it is played


* On MacBook , go to:

> System preferences

> Sound

> Under Use audio port for, change Sound Output to Sound Input. Adjust volume as needed.


* Use 3.5 Mini Stereo Audio Cable to connect one plug to output on my Sony portable minidisc recorder MZ-M10 (headphone jack) and other plug to headphone jack on my MacBook, previously switched to Input.


* Test and adjust sound first by playing files on MD recorder. In Audacity:

> Click to start monitoring

> When ready, hit the Red record button and Stop.


* My interviews weren't as loud as I wanted, so before saving I amplified them:

> Select All (Command + A)

> Effect

> Scroll down to Amplify


* I saved both MP3 and Audacity file formats. To save as MP3:

> File

> Export as MP3

> Name and save

> To play, I opened them in iTunes


To save as an Audacity file (so you can edit the file later)

> File

> Save Project As

> Name and save


Hope this helps!

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Welcome AlisonB, and thank you. Good to see a woman hereabouts, this forum is heavily male!

Seems a shame to transfer MD files to mp3, such low quality - but I suppose audio interviews can get by in relative lo-fi.

I've been using the self-same method (only transferring to .aiff) to move MD recordings onto the Mac, ever since Sony's Hi-MD transfer app became redundant many years and several Mac OS's ago. Audacity is amazing for a free app.

If you're still making any MD recordings from the computer (ie recording from Mac onto MD), you need to investigate Stefano's free Web MD application, which has made life much easier for us Mac users. See this thread :


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