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MiniDisc Front Label Template for PeriPage Printers

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A long time ago I remembered watching a video about a MiniDisc front label printer created by Sony, the MZP-1, and I was truly impressed for that machine. Unfortunately, devices like these are unlikely to appear in my country and we should not talk about its spare parts and consumables. So then I cut through the easy way labeling my MD's with adhesive blank labels and writing the contents of the disc with a normal pen.

A few weeks ago I received my long-awaited PeriPage A8 pocket printer and since that moment I played around with its capabilities, from printing sudokus to invoice copies. But then the idea of printing labels came across my mind. We all know the existence of adhesive thermal paper rolls for these printers.

Knowing I have more control of the PeriPage A8 under Windows and Microsoft Word... what if I create a template which everyone can use to print MD labels similar to the MZP-1?

For those who have a PeriPage and adhesive thermal paper, here you can download a pre-designed Word file, so you can create your own labels at home.

Important: Please remember the limitations of thermal paper and the cautions you must take to keep the printed information intact. 

MiniDisc Label Template for PeriPage.docx

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