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MZ-N707 plays and then wont even turn on after an hour.

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Larry NYC

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My N707 played the first time I received it (Ebay). It played and recorded for about 2 hours. When I tried to play it again it wouldn't turn on. Tried new battery and power cord and still nothing. Opened it up and did some basic Voltage Checks. Nothing unusual, but this is beyond my knowledge. Something warms up or charges and the player wont play until it sits for a few days. Then it turns on briefly.

Does anyone have any insight as to what I need to look at. I have a good set of disgnostic electronic testers and tools, (O=Scopes, Capacitor testors, DVM's etc).



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This reminds me to the infamous "stuck in STANDBY" symptom of some of the decks, like discussed here . (Long read I admit, but might be wort to look at it, to get an idea. A couple of other hints may be here - on a different error though, that sometimes related to similar causes).

Mostly the MCU is not "happy" with one or more of the main components (or their settings), and shuts down/disables the device. In such a case it is fairly hard to get hold of the real cause, only a systematic approach can lead to a result, going step by step and excluding possible culprits. Sometimes it requires a complete reset of the device in Service mode, followed by a full setup/setting/fine tuning procedure, according to the Service Manual.

I know a portable device is a totally different kind of animal, thus it can be just anything else, that is not relevant in a component deck.

If you have a capable ESR meter, you may want to measure those filter caps, as a sanity check on the electronics.

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