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2 hours ago, Lurching said:

I want to upgrade the hard drive of my legacy Vaio pcg gt1 to a pata 128Gb. Do I need an adaptator to plug it in or will it be connectable as is?

I trust you meant a PATA SSD drive. A standard 2,5" PATA SSD is normally pin- and form factor compatible with a standard 2,5" IDE HDD.

Few questions may be rised here: where can you buy such an SSD these days, will the 128GB size be supported by the VAIO's BIOS, what filesystem are you going to use (legacy FAT32 needs a trick to partiton/format beyond 32GB), what OS are you going to use (anything older than W7 does not have TRIM, and TRIM does not work in IDE mode, though some may say it is not a big deal), and finally, what is your planned usage (frequent and excess read-write cycles can quickly wear out your SSD)?

You might be better off with a regular 120GB PATA (IDE) HDD, unless speed is you main concern.

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Yes; speed and space are my main concern. This is a technical project to improve on the machine's main performance, which will be greatly increased by the SSD, and also silence in order to film. The systems that are supported on this machine and that will be used are 1/ Windows XP lite 2/ Puppy Linux 4.3.1(installation procedure described here: https://sonyvaio-gt1.blogspot.com ) - The usage is for filming (not so frequently), mainly, as linux offers great backup possibilities to the machine to NTFS external firewire hard drives. When it comes to BIOS support, the current system supports 60Gb, over the 20Gb of the original model, and 192Mb or Ram.

Any information concerning the CPU fan? It is quite noisy in this machine and I would like it to be replaced as well if possible.

Thank you already and than you in advance! 

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6 hours ago, Lurching said:

CPU fan?

I have not yet seen a service manual or a parts catalogue for this machine (but I guess even if we knew the exact spare part No. it would be near to impossible to get the fan as a Sony replacement part).

To move ahead yuo need to pull the fan off the machine first. Then you can measure the main dimensions - from that period it must be a generic, "standard" size fan, like 40x40x8 (mm) or similar. Then there should be a label or sticker on it showing what voltage it runs on (either 5V or 12V, most probably), also maybe the logo of the OEM too (that could speed up the search process in case).

With that information you can begin your search for a matching piece.

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