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Used and Broken MD NH600D

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Hey Everyone.

Purchased the NH600D Mini disc and it will not power up. I have the schematic and Did some basic metering with my Voltmeter.

The unit does draw some trickle current when the front buttons are pressed.

Any Ideas where to start?

This Circuitry seems above my skill level as far as changing Surface mount Components, But I can try.




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OK can you be a bit more specific with your trials; it sounds like you have the outer covers off, but let's not assume.

  • Did you use a charged and verified AA battery, or a 3V power supply?
  • Pressed <Play> button with either blank or recorded disc?
  • Does anything appear on the display, with or without a disc?
  • Which electrical tap points are you measuring at, and what voltages are you expecting to see?
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