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MZ-NH600, cannot recorn in net-md trough ss

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Well, I have 4 MD units, one of them being the NH600 Hi-MD, got the software sonic stage and working on Hi-MD is easy enough.

I want to record disks for playback on my other old units, mainly the R55, so i need to record in net-MD mode, but the SS will not recognize the disk after re-initializing in net-MD.

Is it a missing driver, or would it be something else?

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Assuming Windows 64 (with 32 bits you have very little problem as the original driver works and is signed by Sony)


See the top download in our downloads section

You will need to disable driver signing enforcement (assuming Windows 10) for one boot cycle, long enough to install the driver.

There's tons of posts on this site which I will not repeat now unless you get really stuck. Good luck!

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I believe I'm familiar with this issue if I'm understanding you correctly. The 600D has a quirk. None of my other players, Hi-MD or regular MD have this issue. 


To get the 600D and SS to work in regular MD mode, look on the corner that has the erase prevention plastic tab. On the back of of a 60/74/80m disc, just above that plastic tab, you will see two small holes.  Put a SMALL piece of tape over the hole just above the one closest to the plastic tab. This is not necessary on the 1G Hi-MD disc's, but you can't use those in a regular MD recorder anyway. 


Shutdown SS, reboot your computer, and try it again. There is a better write up somewhere in this forum, but I can't find it. 


I use my 600D regularly to burn my discs in an attempt to put less wear and tear on my Hi-MD and MD players. 

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