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MZ-NH700 - Not reading discs with plastic shutters

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Compre un minidisc MZ-NH700, el problema que presenta es que solo lee los minidisc que tienen la tapita metálica y no lee los que tienen la tapita plástica, ¿Qué debo hacer ?, ¿porque le ocurre esto ?, gracias por su ayuda.

I bought a MZ-NH700 minidisc; the problem it presents is that it only reads the minidiscs that have the metal shutters and does not read the ones that have the plastic shutters. What should I do? Why does this happen? Thanks for your help.

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  • Richard changed the title to MZ-NH700 - Not reading discs with plastic shutters

As this is a Hi-MD machine are we in to any Hi-MD disc compatibility or formatting issues I've seen mentioned on other threads?

Is there anything telling about a "disc with a plastic shutter" - all of my normal (non Hi-MD discs) have metal shutters - MO and CD type. I wouldn't know, but do Hi-MD disc have plastic shutters?

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The majority of the discs with plastic shutters were made by Maxell (both Maxell Japan and Maxell Europe). BASF, Denon, Verbatim and Sharp also had plastic shutter discs, but all of these were also manufactured by Maxell for those companies. Maxell's reasoning for using the plastic shutter was that it vibrated less than the metal shutter during operation and also provided a tighter fit, preventing less dust from possibly entering the disc. Quite a few people in past complained about the plastic shutters being too flimsy, breaking off or getting jammed in the mechanism of the player. There were also some reports of them warping in very high temperature settings and jamming the loading mechanism of the player. I never had any issues personally, but it would be good to understand as others have said, to know exactly what kind of disc you are using and whether the same plastic shutter discs work in other players (if you have any). The 1GB Hi-MD discs (of which there are only two variations) both have metal shutters.

Also lastly, what error does the NH700 give exactly with these kinds of discs?


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