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Windows 10 Upgrade for Sony Vaio VPCEB19FX

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I have a Sony Vaio VPCEB19FX, which has an A222GVPJ motherboard with AMI Aptio Version 1.28.1119, BIOS Version R0300Y8, EC Version K0300Y8, and ME Version ©2008 Legacy-type BIOS wi Version . I have seen issues reported with booting from USB in this BIOS. I have also seen some specific processor requirements (PAE, NX, and SSE2) and BIOS requirements (NX Bit). Some say non-UEFI BIOS will not work and others say it just limits Win 10 functionality. Others say that AMI BIOS will work and others that you just need to make sure the BIOS will allow a USB boot, by changing a hidden setting to allow the system to boot from USB. This computer meets all other Win 10 requirements, but there is no recent BIOS to flash and I can't see a way to turn on UEFI from BIOS. The manufacturer (Sony) doesn't mention this PC in "supported" PCs able to upgrade to Win 10. The computer is fast and smooth, for an old laptop. To the questions... 1) Is UEFI required? Does Win 10 require anything specific of BIOS? 2) Is the decision by Sony to not list my model due to drivers, UEFI, or just that it has not been tested and, therefore, not officially supported? 3) Is there AMI-specific problem upgrading to Win 10? Am I safe to upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10, with these things in mind? Please help! Thanks in advance!

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Generally speaking there is no knowledge here about VAIO, despite the existence of this section. We do not speak for Sony.

There are folks here who know a bit about PCs. My advice is to back everything up and try it. Windows 10 certainly uses UEFI but there is no requirement to do so. You can buy adapters that plug into USB that you could attach your HD to, whilst putting in a new one. You sound as if you would be competent at that.

Another approach is to look for ways to get Windows 7 updates.

Another is to try and find earlier versions of W10, if the current ones don't work. I would be inclined to look for a copy of 1903 right now; it is pretty stable. Microsoft must have addressed the problem of machines that didn't work with some of their upgrades; for a long time some machines couldn't get past 1803, especially VMs, although it's not 100% clear how much of this was built in obsolescence.

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