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Three wise men !!

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won 3 more decks on ebay, same lot, 3 more mdm 7's to look over, as it turns out belts were all that was needed, 2 470's and a 440, all playing fine not tested with either jig or recording as yet, just a bit of cosmetics to deal with, they came from schools apparently, the 440 needed an ams knob, luckily i have one from that 520 i scrapped some time ago, its the same part.The 2 470's needed the 2 main solder connections for the ams reflowed, seems a commom issue with this model and the 480 no doubt.

hope you are all well and seasons greatings to all of you, and hope for a better 2021 than all the crap thats happened over the last year.

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Last week I also succumbed to an MDS-E12 which is now repaired/serviced and working nicely.

Ooops. :-)

Had some fun getting a belt that worked though. My usual 17mm x 1.2mm wouldn’t play. Needed something thinner. Original seems to be 0.8mm but these seem impossible to find in the around-17mm size. Ordered some 15mm x 1.0mm from Germany, will let you know how I get on...

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So happens I was talking to brother-in-law who is interested in getting rid of a couple of MD units, specifically a CMT-PX3 (aka HCD-MD595) which I got for my Pa a few years back. And I fired up my own only to discover that the belt had gone slack (no eject). Luckily I had one stashed from the legendary Jim some 6 or 7 years ago, and it took me all of an hour to have the thing apart and fixed. Nearly had a fit when it came up with C13 but seems likely this mostly a matter of sled position. Now working perfickly.

Kevin were your belts ordered from Gundelsheim?

So if you or anyone else would give him something for them there is (AFAIK): 1 CMT-PX3 (with the precious MDM-7A), 1 MZ-NH700. Possibly another portable of sorts, I don't remember. Possibly an MDS-S38. Dad can't work them any more, too small and fiddly. He's hanging on to his Quad and turntable though. Private message please.

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just for refrence in the pic on back of front panel there are 2 larger solder points, they are for the ams, they seem to be often cracked, i have even come across one with a  hairline on one of the tracks and had to put a wire link in, could even be possibly done as assembly when somebody put the ams knob back on as its not too well supported in that area, affects je470/480 to my knowledge. now the lid is off this one i can get the jig at it and the sticker is present.


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10 hours ago, kgallen said:


15 x 1.0 was about the best I could find. Original seems to be 17 x 0.8 but I can't find this size anywhere.

Mine says Gundelsheim on the packet but the guy seems to have run out, if you google him (omit "MD" from your search) and you will find him on at least 3 European Ebays. Your Gersbach listing DOES show option on 17mm ?diameter belt.

Maybe this listing is helpful (I don't know about the MDM-X4 but it looks right)


The part number (Sony) is 4-967-656-01 but I have no clue if that matches (they frequently have multiple numbers for the same item). If you have one of the captioned models you can check since this belt appears to be widely available.

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11 hours ago, M1JWR said:


I've ordered some of them too. I'm going to be overrun with belts now :-D

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ahh yes kevin, seems like lock down fixes have built up quite a stock

here's a chancy unknown entity, could be ideal for the guy with the dodgy 980 on another post, with an emphisis on could !!


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over to kevin, i think he likes the rack mounted varieties, uses a varient mdm 5 drive by all accounts,

heres another creature, drive may be good, scrap the rest, would be the recipie for this one, would probably try and get it working properly first though.


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