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    I'm no expert on PC,s I've too many other things to do. I have this old Vaio as described above. It's not been used for years and the battery may not be so good, although it's showing 100% charged at the moment. The PC got 'overrun by the amount of data on it circa 2010, so I bought a new Vaio with a 500GB HDD, which I am using now

I've already bought a new 80GB hard drive for the PC, but have not installed it yet. I also intend to upgrade the RAM to 1GB.

Basically what are your thought's on using the PC for the best vehicle analysing software I can afford, and also using it for data such as workshop and gardening. It's running XP at the moment, which I read is, on the net by a German Gentleman, the best system for vehicle analysing software. I have been unable to connect to my IP provider yet, but that might be a good thing at the moment because the anti virus does not exist, and the wireless LAN is switched off.


                                                                                                                    CEGB.    . 

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely! I couldn't resist getting that one in in response to your moniker.

1GB of RAM won't buy you the software equivalent of the marmite in a cress sandwich in today's modern operating system.

Give up and get busy with Linux if you want to make use of that machine.

This is absolutely NOT the place to ask about Vaios but my advice is pretty general - FUHGEDDABOUDID (with apologies to Hugh Grant).

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