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Dear Sony, please help all your loyal MZ-RH1 customers across the world - OLED

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Dear Sony, I own a lot of Sony products and started buying them over 35 years ago. Every single Sony MZ-RH1 Mindisc OLED is failing across the world. This is a problem as these devices were used a lot in the recording field and a lot of valuable data still exists on MD. This machine allowed users to transfer old HI-MD recordings to a computer. Most MD units only allowed you to record, not transfer to PC.

The same issue happened with Hi-8 video tapes. Trying to convert them to digital on a computer and the camera no longer works. Sony could make a combined Hi-8 / MD machine just for data transfer.

Please manufacture the Sony MZ-RH1 OLEDS once again, so these units can be repaired by all your loyal customers. Thank you      


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I have two MZ-RH1's and both of them have failing OLEDs; one one only the LHS OLED is working meaning I can't see any of the important information - I can add a sidecar and see a bit more information, but essentially without the OLEDs I can only use them to PLAY MDs. Recording/editing is pure guesswork in the dark (literally). Such a waste of a brilliant machine, for want of a little illumination.

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Sadly this problem doesn't end with the MZ-RH1. The flagship MZ-RH10 (flagship for the 2nd generation HiMD, RH1 is the 3rd gen) also suffers abysmally from the same problem. In the RH10's case it's actually worse since there are some everyday functions you cannot do at all by remote. (At least with the RH1 most important stuff can be done using the RM-MC40ELK). The RH1 has limitations but its main importance (to me) is as an uploader for legacy MD. Those are completely unaffected.

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