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Adding PC-Link to MDS-JE640 (like MDS-S50)

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The reason for that is that all that gets transferred back is the rights (library book checkout). NetMD cannot be transferred to PC***. Pre-RH1 limitation in USB speed (hardware/firmware). RH1 by design****. They didn't want to proliferate copies generated by NetMD transfer. For HiMD a lot less restriction because they're normal files.

***I don't think you can get anything OFF an MZ-N710 for example.

****The ability to upload MDLP bitwise built into the firmware. The ability to upload SP, if i recall correctly (and doubtless someone's gonna jump all over me with hobnailed boots) simply generates 16bit toslink output and makes a wave stream. You can capture it but it won't be as good as the SP because it's not bit for bit.

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Here is the thing then: the 640 does work now with PC-Link and M-Crew. (See my uncut, lame video at the end - "Welcome to Paradise" :-) .) Yes, it is done, and I feel this is a breakthrough, after a

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