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MDS-JE470 PC connecting kit

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Joe Texas

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Hi Joe.

The PC connecting kit for the MDS-JE470 is the PCLK-MN10. There is some information regarding the kit, including links to the user manual, on MiniDisc.org

The kit will allow you to control the deck using a PC and transfer music from PC to the MD deck but, as sfbp pointed out, it doesn't allow you to transfer music the other way (i.e. from MiniDisc deck to PC).

The MDS-JE470 doesn't have a digital output (either optical or coaxial) so the only way to transfer music off it would be via the analogue outputs. You would be likely to get better quality transfers if you found a deck with a digital output.

The other option is to find an MZ-RH1 (also available as the MZ-M200), which is the only MiniDisc device that allows you to upload standard MiniDisc recordings to a PC. They're not cheap though...

Links for the MZ-RH1/MZ-M200: MiniDisc.org and MiniDisc Wiki

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