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Maxell MD | Gold & Platinum Nanase Aikawa (相川七瀬), "Live Emotion Tour", limited edition 3 packs


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Maxell MD | Gold & Platinum Nanase Aikawa (相川七瀬), "Live Emotion Tour" Limited Edition

These 1998 limited edition 3 packs contain the standard 74 minute Maxell Gold and Platinum discs, but feature Japanese singer Nanase Aikawa and come in limited edition packaging to promote her "Live Emotion" tour from that year. The discs also feature a set of custom index cards and stickers featuring the tour dates.


 DSC01362a.JPG  DSC01364a.JPG


DSC01366a.JPG  DSC01368a.JPG


DSC01369a.JPG  DSC01370a.JPG


DSC01372a.JPG  DSC01374a.JPG


DSC01375a.JPG  DSC01373a.JPG

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13 hours ago, BearBoy said:

Do you know whether these would have been sold at concerts, like t-shirts and other merchandise, or in record shops etc as a way of promoting the tour? Was it fairly common for Japanese artists to get their own branded MDs?


I am not sure whether they were actually sold at concerts - I don't think so. Just the usual stores that stocked recordable media. However, it was pretty common for the big electronics and recordable media companies such as Victor, Axia, Sony, Maxell. TDK to have tie-ins with specific artists who they would use in promotional campaigns - on posters, tv commercials , magazines etc.. 


There aren't too many direct artist co-branded discs. The most famous ones would be the Sony Red Hot - Utada Hikaru discs. Other included the Judy & Mary (Japanese rock group) PS discs for Axia and the TDK "Glay" (another J Rock group) MD's. 


Below are some of the posters associated with this Maxell Nanase Aikawa campaign





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