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Daiei MD | 「暮らしの88」"Kurashi no 88"


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Daiei MD | 「暮らしの88」"Kurashi no 88"

Made in Korea by Saehan for the Japanese supermarket chain Daiei, these discs are from around 2000 / 2001. The range was called 「暮らしの88」 (Lifestyle 88 or Living 88). According to the news release, this was a range of around 300 everyday products within Daiei stores, which as the name (and the product contents and packaging suggest) was designed to be cost-conscious and sold at the very low price of 88 yen each (hence the name). 

Of the two I have there are a couple of slight differences on the rear of the wrappers, but nothing major of interest. Very basic labels too and no cases of course. Also available in blue (which I don't yet have). 


DSC01284a.JPG  DSC01294a.JPG


DSC01291a.JPG  DSC01292a.JPG




Blue Disc with Alternative shutter variation


DSC02742a.JPG DSC02743a.JPG


Yellow banded wrapper Variants

These appear to be the least common of the 3 variants and this variant was also available in yellow and green which seem to be rarer still than the clear, blue and red ones. 


DSC03205a.JPG DSC03207a.JPG



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13 minutes ago, netmduser said:

Nice to see them as they would be new. Sony's colour has similar look. I have Sony's still new in wrapper myself.

Looking at your other posts from your collection, nice.

Thanks. These low cost discs in retail hangers are quite hard to find in the original packaging. They were literally throw away items I guess, but paradoxically they are now quite sought after. 

Thanks also for the compliment. Stay tuned as I have many more discs to post pictures of. I'll try and do a few each week, time permitting. 🙂

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  • Richard changed the title to Daiei MD | 「暮らしの88」"Kurashi no 88"
2 minutes ago, slugbahr said:

There are a couple of blue ones available on Yahoo auctions Japan atm. 

Two listings, both a single blue in pack, both 2,500yen.

The shutters have 74 on them, while the red and white are blank - that's weird!


Yep, I saw those. A little bit expensive for a single disc, but I may be tempted at some point... I guess they were a separate run. Not sure of the chronology. The other colours also exist with the same shutter variation. 

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4 minutes ago, slugbahr said:

You should get the listing of 5 black and white cutipops in similar wrap to offset shipping costs. 

And a pack of benetton too!

And ... and ... and ...


I already have the black and white Cutipop's, just missing the elusive grey one.. 🙂

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