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This week/month/day/year I’ve mostly been…

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Today I've mostly been... happy!


One of my colleagues from my new team came up to me today and said "I see you've got a minidisc player.... I've got one too!"... and proceeded to show me his gorgeous MZ-R909. A sleek all-metal player/recorder that has a large 3-line display. He also has minidiscs on his desk, in a box. I tried his machine with my power supply and it fired up straight away. He dug out the charging cradle and the gumstick battery, put it together and it started to charge fine. Hopefully tomorrow he'll give some of his discs a whirl.


Oh did I say... I found what looked like a nice MZ-R909 on "the bay" at a sensible price. Might be heading my way... ooops.

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Haha. Brilliant 😂


The MZ-R909 is a nice looking machine. I'm pretty it's one of the models I've got a watch list set up for on eBay but I'm doing my best to ignore the notifications at the moment... Which colour did you get?


On the earlier theme of MiniDisc storage, I'd been looking for a while for something to keep my MDs in and recently picked up a couple of TJENA boxes from Ikea. They're only cardboard but are pretty much a perfect fit for MiniDiscs in their cases. I'll post a picture when I can but it's these ones: Ikea Tjena Storage Box 25x35x10



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22 minutes ago, BearBoy said:

Which colour did you get?

Silver. Hoping it lives up to it's description. Due Friday... I also ordered a couple of those gumstick batteries - until now I've stuck with machines that use AA.


The MZ-R909 looks to be one of the last before NetMD and Type S. It's Type R MDLP. If my other portables are anything to go by, this 909 looks close to the pinacle for construction. The MZ-NF610 I'm borrowing from my son for example is quite a plastic affair, even compared to my MZ-R700. I have high hopes and hoping those hopes aren't dashed by a machine that doesn't live up to it's listing! 🤞

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2 minutes ago, BearBoy said:

I bought a couple of different types of gumstick batteries and a USB charger a few months back. I’ll post some pictures when the uploading issue is sorted. 

That's a good point - I should buy an external charger as I won't get the cradle. Suggestions?

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If the MZ-R909 is anything like my MZ-N910/710 etc then you don’t need the cradle. It should charge the battery with the power adapter connected directly to the player. You’d need to check the manual but I suspect it would work the same. 

The charger I bought was like this one: Gumstick Battery Charger Including 2 x Gumstick Batteries NH14WM 1400mAh AA NiMH

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