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Panasonic | "Glowing MD Case" (光るMDケース)

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This Panasonic MD case was a competition giveaway prize, with winners selected from a draw. I picked it up unused from a Japanese seller and don't have too many details on the nature of the competition. I scanned the letter that came with it, but it is not dated and just says "Congratulations on winning this Panasonic MD case, your entry was drawn by lottery from a high number of applicants. Thank you for your continued patronage etc..." (or words to that effect). 


Anyway the "glow" in the name comes from the fact that when the light hits the translucent windows of the disc holders it produces a kind of glowing effect. The discs are inserted without cases, shutter side down and there is an interesting king of rotation mechanism on each slot to rotate the holder so the disc can be inserted. The base of the case is made from aluminium. 



















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26 minutes ago, BearBoy said:

That looks really cool, Richard. I've just bought some white cardboard boxes from Ikea to keep my discs in. They work well enough but can't really compete with yours from a style perspective 😂


To be fair, most of my discs are just stored in boxes or stacked on bookshelves as well  🤣 This one is quite a unique piece, but actually because you need to remove the discs from the cases, I don't really use it. It's nice as a display item or if I wanted to have a selection of regular discs to hand. 

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