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Victor MD | Victor KT-XM52 (Hello Kitty MD Player)

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Victor MD | Victor KT-XM52 (Hello Kitty MD Player)


This MD player was a given away as a prize in a mail-in contest in the "Play with Kitty" magazine in 2006. Victor players usually display the message "Hello" in the remote when you turn them on. This one of course says "ハロー キティ" or "Hello Kitty" in Japanese. 


Box and prize winners letter from Sanrio




DSC02614a.JPG DSC02615a.JPG


Contents and Accessories


DSC02618a.JPG DSC02617a.JPG


Main Unit


DSC02619a.JPG DSC02620a.JPG


DSC02628a.JPG DSC02629a.JPG


Unique Pink Remote




Charging Stand


 DSC02636a.JPG DSC02639a.JPG



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My daughter would love that 😀. Although I think she'd be somewhat baffled by the discs you have to put in it to get any sound 🤣 "Why won't this Alexa do what I tell it?"


Impressed they went as far as moulding the Hello Kitty lid, rather than just using a graphic.

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