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Axia MD | MD-im 1st Series


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AXIA MD | MD-im 1st Series


This is the first of 4 series from Axia entitled MD-im. The exact release date is unknown, but it is probably around 2000. The diss were available as single discs in 6 colours. Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. 


There were mix packs of 5 colours available: 


(blue, purple, red, orange, yellow - no green)


2  different 3 Pack Mixes

MD IM 80X3P MIX D (yellow, orange, red)
MD IM 80X3P MIX K (green, blue, purple)


There were also single colour 5 pack mixes available in each colour


DSC02242a.JPG DSC02243a.JPG




Single Colour Purple Mix


DSC01773a.JPG DSC01774a.JPG


Single Colour Purple 2 Pack Mix


DSC02912a.JPG DSC02913a.JPG


3 Color Mix Pack (Purple, Green, Blue)


DSC02882a.JPG DSC02883a.JPG


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