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JE-520 Deck Optical Out

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I have a JE-520 deck that records using ATRAC 4.5.   I want to use this deck simply as a pass-through device to convert an analog signal coming in to a digital out signal   I know I can accomplish this by putting a disc in the deck then hitting record and pause which will activate the all the inputs and outputs.  
My question, however, is whether the digital signal out will be in ATRAC 4 or just a straight analog to digital conversion in that the deck is not actually recording.    Any thoughts out there are appreciated.

JMSLA (James)


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You don't need to put a disc in the machine. Just turn it on and hit RECORD then it goes into "monitor" mode. If you have the input selected as "Analog" then the display will show "AD - DA" (if the input is coax or optical, then it will say "- DA").


ATRAC conversion only relates to data going to the disc. If you're using the machine like this as an ADC, then the digital out is just a straight conversion of the analogue in.


Conversely you can use it as a DAC with headphone amplifier (like I do with mine, attached to a PC), select Coax or Optical and hit RECORD, the display will show "- DA".


Good luck!

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Hi kgallen,

Thank you for your reply.  It's good to know now that the digital (optical) output isn't getting ATRAC treatment.
It also never occurred to even try putting the deck in 'record' without a disk inserted; it works exactly as you described.


I am sending the analog signal from my turntable into the 520 and straight out to the optical input on my RH-1.  This set-up
is really just a matter of convenience because the turntable and the JE-520 are sitting next to each other.  I'm sure there are
better ways I can make digital copies, (sans mp3), of my LPs but, this is the line of least resistance for the moment. 

Thanks again for the info. and operation help; good news to me.





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