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Sony NW E95 & sonicstage on Windows 11

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jonathan roberts


Hi all,


I've recently bought a Sony nw e-95 MP3 player I had when I was young, I've been trying to install sonic stage software so I can connect it to my windows 11 64bit os but when I do it says the driver cannot load and when I reboot my pc it won't boot.  Does anyone know how to get sonic stage working on Windows 11 64bit or know of any other software I can use to get it going.  I also have two Sony net md's I am keen to use.

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Hi @jonathan roberts. Welcome to the forum!


I'm not a SonicStage user, so unfortunately cannot help with that side of things, but you can bypass SonicStage for NetMD devices these days by using Web MiniDisc Pro: https://web.minidisc.wiki/


There is a guide to how to use it on the MiniDisc Wiki site: https://www.minidisc.wiki/guides/webminidisc


I know other members here do still use SonicStage so hopefully someone will be able to help you with your NW-E95.

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Ignore the post I made (and deleted)... owing to some weird difficulty with seeing Sony's manuals online, I got mixed up, and couldn't see the details.


The E95 is an ATRAC device, including ATRAC3 (NetMD) and ATRAC3+. You may need the 64 bit driver for NetMD (and MP3? not sure) but there is no driver needed for ATRAC3+. This (A3+) works like Hi-MD so if you are using the latest user-supported software like WebMinidiscPro you will need to tell it you have a Hi-MD device.


The first step is to get some files loaded into SonicStage, and being able to play them on your PC.


The fact that the PC won't boot with the device connected is actually a GOOD sign - it means most likely it's hanging up trying to access it.


It might need our generic NetMD 64-bit driver. However the entries for your device are not there in that file. We would need to add. Do you have a package of driver files for this NW-E95? If so maybe you can post it here as an attachment (It will be quite small) or at least tell us what .inf files are in the package.


I have some later NW devices than yours, and to the best of my recollection they didn't need any special drivers. So I am slightly puzzled.

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