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SonicStage 4.3 crashes when opening/ alternatives to SonicStage

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Hello, I recently downloaded SonicStage to add music to my new Sony nw-e015f, as it kept saying 'NO DATA' when using File Explorer. But as soon as I open SonicStage it crashes. I am on Windows 11. 

Is there any other software i can try instead of SonicStage?

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1. Sonic Stage is not drag and drop. It's unknown to me whether MP3 files, for example, are directly copied to (and played from) the NW-E013F and similar devices. Or whether they get converted by SS and (then) copied to the device. The crash of SS is well-known, you should download the "Ultimate" version from our site here, and this may solve your problem. That crash occurs when SS goes out to a website that no longer exists, during initialization.


2. You may need the NetMD and/or HiMD drivers for Windows 64 bit (because I think the NW-E015F is set up to pretend to be a minidisc device or ATRAC Device). The .inf file you will have (assuming you have a CD or a download with the requisite files) is probably set up for Windows 32 bit. I'm not even sure if Windows 11 supports 32 bits any more.  If it did, then the 32 bit Windows would likely solve your problem. However as there is no actual MD (minidisc) device, it is possible that the 64-bit thing is not an issue. But you may still be using ATRAC3 (which is a minidisc format) even if you start with MP3 files, for example. This means you still need a driver of some kind.


3. To support modified .inf files (such as the one I could make for you) is possible but Microsoft made it more and more difficult with successive versions of Windows. Basically you have to reboot the computer in a special mode for long enough to install the driver ("disable signature enforcement"). Once you have done so, all is well (and you can reboot normally), but you have to trick Windows into accepting "insecure" (tampered-with) versions of <whatever>.inf. Most likely, you have to get a driver installed, and somewhere there is a package for that. Maybe that's all you need. Perhaps you can tell us if you had it working before, or whether this is the first attempt on a new (to you) device and/or Windows version. It's also possible that you have to disable some (modern) checks in windows on self-modifying code ("Data Execution Prevention") but unless I had one of these and Windows 11 (I currently have neither) I can not really be sure about this.


I hope this helps and that you can get it working. We have lots of people who know about this stuff, maybe one of them already solved this exact problem


(your final question)

4. There are more modern (user-supported) software programs than Sonic Stage, though you will have to go through tha same or similar gyrations to get a new device working with these programs too. I am a SS fan, but there are plenty of folks who have experience with the new stuff. One program (out of the box and from Sony) that might work directly with your device is Sound Forge (part of Sony Vegas Studio Platinum) 9 or 10, as it has all the same smarts for reading and converting different files as does Sonic Stage, and will talk to an "ATRAC Device".


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Hi, I recently downloaded the SonicStage 4.3 'Ultimate version' from this site and its working absolutely perfectly on my new Windows 11 Pro / MS Office 2021 PC.

It downloaded quickly and without a hitch!

Note I am only using it to manage mp3 tracks, so no problems with ATRAC.

I'm a fan of SS and just about all things Sony too!

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