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Download Concern!


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Was just about to download the Sonicstage 4.0 Full Installer when I noticed that it is coming from a diffenrent site (http://www.pepperonistavern.com/temp/SS40_MDCF.exe), a site that isnt even operating yet and looks like it doesnt have anything to do with software.

Do you have a security issue here? Please explain...................



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Maybe it's someone's hosting, otherwise unused, that they allowed to be used to host the download, and the link on the downloads page points to it..??

I guess if it's a real concern to you, you could always post this over at MDCF too, since it was an MDCF users project that produced the Full download version (hence the MDCF in the filename). I'm sure they'll put you straight over if it's a security risk or othewise dodgy..

'Tom Kat'

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Don't worry about it. Pepperoni's Tavern is a website I'm working on for a local company, of which uses the same host that I put my Sonicstage files on. My friend (who runs the hosting service kreativenetworks.net) hosts the full installers for free. Sonicstage full installers put on this server would kill our bandwidth bills.

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Yep, for sure, holding and providing downloads on the main site host would definately chew up the old bandwidth... :P

I remember how bad alone, and just from an ever increasing user demand for forum/portal access (downloads were another kettle of the generic marine life entirely) rapidly over a year or so caused bandwidth exceeding situations and an every growing need for more flexible limits and space and mostly high capacity on the connections side.

In fact, as the owner of that portal and his close friends will tell you, it sure helped to have donations .. as the evolving hosting bills went through the ceiling to meet demand.

But hey, in a way, it's not such a bad thing that ATRAC device users are a small subset of the portable audio community, it's that which helps ensure the demands on sites such as this never go into freefall 'crash n burn' over demand far exceeding capacity..

Mind you, i wont speak that wisdom too loud... stranger things have happened than one person draw such a conclusion.. and it's soon followed by a massive bandwidth hit :P;)

'Tom Kat'

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  • 10 months later...

I'm sure that's the same page i tryed, and failed. It seems okay.

anyway, i did a radom search on google and found a rapidshare link to the file. Installed and working =)


I've been here as a watcher, but only when i need to download the SS40. I don't expect to care for anything else expect for the news.

But thanks for the welcome =D

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