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Fair use of protected audio

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Hi, what about DRM - removing soft like this one - http://www.soundtaxi.info ? I'm sure if I purchase DRM'ed songs and use this tool then I see no problem with legality!!!

The history has shown us that the DRM technologies are becoming more and more restrictive and are taking away users' freedoms at an alarming rate! The customer who pays his bucks has the right of making backup copies or transferring from one format to another when he purchases iTunes music for example. So... please share your thoughts here... ;)

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Hey Reiter,

Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, hope you enjoy your stay here..

Last time I checked, you should be able to "back up" audio files you buy off iTunes and Sony Connect. All you have to do is to burn em as an audio cd, and then once it's on cd, you can rerip them into any format to your heart's content.

It's not like they restrict you completely from backing up your content...For example, in the pre-SonicStage days (OpenMG), even when you owned the CD, when you ripped it, you were only able to transfer the song out 3 times. Now when you rip your own CDs, you can transfer that track out as many times as you want.

Also depending on the license that the pay-to-download sites have, there are also different allowances as to how many times you can transfer a file out or put it onto a mix cd..

Thanks for the link to this program though

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