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Anyone tried iTunes Agent with Walkman?

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Hey there,

In the quest of searching an alternative for sonicstage/connect, I found this little program: iTunes Agent. I haven't found any topic about this here yet, so if there is: direct me to it please.

This is the programs website:


It can sychronize iTunes with non-Ipod players.

I am not sure yet how it works. It is supposed to be compatible with psp's and walkman phones. I wondered if anybody tried if it works with an nw-a3000\1000 or any regular walkman player.

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This will only works for DAPs that use simple drag-n-drop via explorer for music transfer AND are USB mass storage compliant.

I can already transfer music from iTunes to UMS compliant DAP without any additional software. Just create a playlist/smart playlist in iTunes, select all the content, and drag-n-drop them to your DAP via explorer. Still, it's nice to have some integration and automation with iTunes. Mac version of iTunes have supported non-Apple DAPs (UMS compliant) for a while, but not in Windows. Nice find though. Problem is, many DAPs are MTP devices now.

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